Our Marlow RowAbility project will upgrade part of the existing site to become a state-of-the-art, easy to use facility for the storage of boats and access to the river for the club’s para and adaptive rowing squads.

Facilities will also enable older and less mobile members to continue to be able to use their single sculling boats. And with no steps or gaps to navigate our upgraded rafts will provide easier and safer access to the water for ALL users of our Marlow Watersports Hub.

The project has been planned and costed as follows:

PHASE 1 Water Side:

New level concrete apron and new timber capping beam over 40m length
single 4 x 40m pontoon

2 x mooring piles for pontoon

2 x wheelchair access ramps
Sub-total                                                           £140,000

PHASE 2 Land Side:

Covered Boat Storage Area:

  • Easy step free wheelchair access from the car park and river frontage
  • New and easy to use boat storage that works in conjunction with any boat handling equipment.
  • Storage for at least all boats and other items currently stored in the affected area and any areas impacted
  • Bunded petrol store to meet the current regulations
  • Attractive roofing and storage design with some architectural merit suitable for its location under the trees.
  • Security fence at rear of car park
  • Pedestrian and boat access gates linked to the existing access system
  • Covered dry dock including ramp

Site preparation, demolition and build.
Tree works to enable retention of both trees.
Professional and planning fees
Sub-total = £200,000

TOTAL PROJECT COST =                       £340,000


August 2022 Update:

  • Phase 1 is largely complete and been funded by the club internally.
  • Plans for Phase 2 are well advanced.
  • Funds raised so far = £50,000, so with phase 1 complete and paid for, the overall project is 56% funded and phase 2 is 25% funded

Funded from club reserves =              £140,000

Funds raised to date (Aug 2022) =    £50,000

Remaining Target                                £150,000