One Man’s 1,000km World Record Attempt For Marlow RowAbility

It takes someone pretty remarkable to take on a physical challenge that requires multiple days of strenuous effort… but someone even more extraordinary, perhaps slightly mad, to want to do it more than once. 

In 2021, Graeme Gordon, past Master of the Chartered Accountants’ of England and Wales Livery Company ran, cycled, then rowed the River Thames from Lechlade to Tower Bridge, over 5 days, raising money for 5 charities. Unsatisfied with this remarkable achievement, he is now training to complete a million meters on the rowing machine in September. Completing this in under 6days, 14hours and 29minutes, will earn him the Concept2™ ‘Individual Million Meters Record’; a world record in the 60-69 age category.

When Graeme Gordon joined the club in 2019 to train for his 2021 ‘Source 2 City’ row, he soon came to appreciate the great strength of the Marlow rowing community and their passion to make the sport accessible.

He said: “I fully appreciate the positive impact of physical activity, no matter what your ability, personal goals or limitations. Helping Marlow RowAbility to achieve their £200k target is so important to me; it will allow many more people to enjoy equal opportunities to access the river safely.”

Graeme will take on the Concept2™ ‘Individual Million Meters Record’ attempt between 11th-17th September 2022.

If nothing else, a training programme averaging 100km a week on the ergo (which he completes alone in the club gym for 99% of the time) proves two things: first, he is totally committed to the attempt; and second, that he is perhaps a little bonkers

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Good Luck Graeme!

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